Why are we doing it?

Why are we doing it?
1 - God's leading

We believe that the Lord has guided us to making these changes at this time. 
We have prayed (some of us for many years) and have been prompted in a number of ways that this is the right thing at the right time. 
 We have had a number of ‘Burning Bush’ moments and the provision of the finances as well as of the legal permissions to proceed have confirmed these. 
God regularly takes his people and his church onwards in the journey of faith.

Why are we doing it?

2 - Mission

As a Church a number of our growing Mission groups and activities have been significantly constrained by the pews. Tots Time and Messy Church need more space, the latter now attracting over 100 people to church. 

Our Christmas Fayres and other seasonal outreach events need more space in the whole church. Boardgames Cafe is occasionally too busy for just the hall and would be better with more space. 

 Other events, like our recent performance of ‘A New Star’ would also have much benefited from flexible comfortable seating, both in terms of the layout and setup of the event, and also the comfort of the seating when you are sat for a considerable period of time. 

 The things that God is blessing, growing and developing in our Church would all benefit from more space and a more flexible and adaptable seating arrangement. 
 We also want our space to be a better facility for other events, training and community activities. 
 As a church we are committed to “Celebrating God’s Goodness as we Grow in numbers.” 

Growing in numbers in mission needs more space.

Why are we doing it?

3 - Worship

Comfortable flexible seating dramatically expands our ability to provide the flexibility we need for our Sunday and other Worship services. 

 We have a particular commitment at St Christophers to be a Creative and Imaginative worshipping community captured in our intent to be a church where we ‘Explore and Express Creative Spirit-Filled Worship’. 

Flexible seating allows us to our current services better. Flexible seating also opens up the possibility of other forms of prayer and worship including Labyrinths, Cafe Church, Messy Church and other creative possibilities. 

We have gone down the route in worship of being a church with a diverse range of quality services and this diversity would benefit from having flexibility. 

Fabric Padded Chairs are also more comfortable to sit on, during worship, especially for our members who are older. 
Chairs also allow us to be more flexible with those who have disability or accessibility issues. It is considerably more dignified and welcoming, for example, to ask a wheelchair user where they would like to sit, and move a chair, rather than pointing them to the place (at present) where wheelchair users have to go.
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