Churches can always be better at communicating and we are working hard to make sure that we communicate well with all our members. 
Here below is a brief outline of how we try to communicate.

Static Information

Our primary method of communicating ‘static’ information is through this website. 

Static information is (by and large) information that does not change much (such as who the Ministers are and what time the main Sunday services start).

Current Information

Our primary method of communicating ‘current’ information such as one off events, services, times and the like will also be through this website. 

 Our secondary method of communicating ‘current’ information will be during the Sunday services, when forthcoming events and occasions are trailed. This is usually via a powerpoint with slides showing events. These slides are also available via an email through asking Alison Paginton.

Shared / networked information (Social Media)

Our primary method of sharing social information will be through our church facebook page and twitter feed. 

Social media is a great place for sharing reflections, pictures, thoughts and engaging in discussions. Our facebook page is moderated by one of our Ministers, who also supervises the accessibility of the page

Urgent Information

We will share urgent information (for example the time of tonights service is now 730pm and not 7pm) on email and twitter. 

Church Emails

We will endeavour to use email as a way of helpfully transmitting factual information. 

We acknowledge its weakness to convey emotion and it being a very poor substitute for face to face contact.

We will be gracious in the way we read emails, always assuming the best of the person writing them.

Paper, Pastoral Care and Acessibility

We acknowledge that paper is still a very useful and helpful media and if you have a specific request for a certain type of information or any accessibility issue with regards e-communication, we will respond personally to these. 

 A key thing for us in all of this is trying to keep information synchronised. The great advantage of a website is that it centralises information - the challenge with paper is that the moment something is in print it can easily go out of date.

Christian Communication and Grace

We are frequently incompetent. We will mess up and when we do we will give and receive grace, love and forgiveness. 

We will believe the best in our fellow christians and presume they are never willingly setting out to mislead us.

Confidentiality and GDPR

You are precious to us, and as such so is the data we have about you. We endevour to respect confidentiality as much with data as with one to one private conversations.

We have a Data Privacy Policy/ Notice and various GDPR forms for staying in touch, accessible of the data page. 
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