What Kind of Church?

Using labels are a double-edged sword. They are helpful in guiding you to a basic understanding of the particular flavour and type of church we are. But please read with a pinch of salt....

Open and Questioning

We are open to God regularly doing new things, in our lives, in our understanding of Him and in his care for us. 

This means we are committed to relating God to his world and joining in with what he is already doing in it and that we are always willing to explore the interface between world and church, including the difficult questions. 

It also means we do creative things...

Sometimes it even means we change our minds... 

Generous and Orthodox

We value the Bible as the Inspired word of God that provides us with what we need to live by. 

 This means that the bible and our understanding of it is at the heart of all our activity, that we teach from it and seek to understand it better in worship and in small groups. We sit under its authority as the God-given book that tells us of the great love, forgiveness and compassion God has for us his children. We do not treat the bible as a rule book, science text book or inerrant logic book, but as the inspired words from a loving Father to us his children. It is a book we read to guide and inspire us as we carefully apply it to our world.

Anglican and Church of England

We are the local parish church for this area and we care for all - those who have faith and those who do not.

We are part of the Church of England and while we have our own identity which we value, so we are open to learning from and sharing with other churches, traditions and christians who are different from us. 

 This means we take an active part in the life of the wider church and our local Deanery of South Bristol, serving it in many different ways and supporting its ministry across the whole country and world.

Charismatic and Contemplative

We value the work and Ministry of God’s Empowering Presence, the Holy Spirit. He gives us gifts to live by and draws us into the full life of God’s Trinity - a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our saviour and a deep knowledge of the care that God our loving Father has for us. We would probably prefer the label Trinitarian to charismatic, although that is less well understood! 

 This means we give space and time to the Holy Spirit in all our services. Sometimes these services are lively and vibrant, sometimes they are quieter and peaceful - in all though we rely, trust and seek the blessing of the Holy Spirit and we also offer ‘Prayer Ministry’ in most of our services where you can receive a fresh filling of God’s Spirit for yourself, or bring to him someone you love who is in need.

A church!

A church is not a building, but is a group of Christians who worship together. 

This means that while we value our building and the way it keeps us warm and dry when we gather together, we are not defined by it.

St Christophers

We are named after St Christopher - the patron saint of journeys.

This matters to us as naming is very important to God.

We seek to accompany all who journey through life...
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