The Bible

At its very simplest the Bible is God's love letter to us, his children.
It is the significant way God reveals something of who he is, his character and his love.

It is a complex book full of different genres or writing including poetry, music, history, gospel, apocalypticism, letters and wisdom.
As such it demands careful and prayeful study - but that is worthwhile as it is the place we learn more with both our hearts and heads of God's great love, and his creativity and passion.

Its is written by human beings but it is also inspired and guided by God who breathes his life into it. As such it is a transformative book, full of power and countless people threough the ages have read it and through reading it have discovered God either for the first time, or afresh.
For this reason, most Christians read the bible most days, and it forms a key part of most of our worship services with the sermon or talk helpoing us to read and inwardly digest with our souls its precious life giving content.

Because the bible is so important is has frequently been misused throughout human history and the history of the church. As such it needs careful, prayerful and humble care - this webiste provides some ways we can do just that with a variety of resources and helpful suggestions you may find useful:

How to Read The Bible

Bible Resources

Bible Tech resources - simple

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