Board Game cafe

South Bristol


Welcome to Board Game Cafe - South Bristol.

We started running in 2013 to provide a space for Board Game enthusiasts and those new to the Hobby to meet in South Bristol.

We have a large space, good refreshments and many games to chooses from. Kunnagh and Andy are the ‘Game Waiters’ who will make sure you have both something to eat and drink but most importantly something to play and we are quite happy to teach you how to play any game that looks interesting.

We cater for all ages and gaming experience - from the youngest children wanting a go on Looping Louis or Pitch Car, to the seasoned gamer wanting to build an empire in Eclipse, a Farm in Agricola or a Global Cold War Empire in Twilight Struggle.

Have a look at our menu of games - we usually bring a selection of our own to choose from. If you would like to play a specific game and are coming along just let us know and we’ll make sure it’s ready for you.

Andy Schuman        Kunnagh Scott


Welcome           2018

Board Game Cafe - South Bristol usually meets on the Third Sunday of the Month 3-7pm in the Church Hall at St Christopher’s Church, Hampstead Road, Bristol.

Next sessions: Sunday 16th December 2-5pm